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Meet me: Megan. I am crazy, delusional, overly excitable, dramatic, happy-go-lucky, wordy, a gigantic movie buff, hopeless romantic, an aspiring poet, and terrible at dancing. Also, I am terribly inconsistent and kind of an overachiever at the same time.

Hence the reason why this blog has long been abandoned. I shall endeavor to try harder.

My apologies about the weirdness. ;)
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I have fallen down a rabbit hole, quite literally. The sequence of events is unclear, but the results cannot be ignored. I have fallen…(pause for dramatic effect and also because I am actually filled with shame). I have fallen…

…for Gossip Girl.



This just gets funnier the longer I stare at it.

#look it’s my wife

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History is a burden. Stories can make us fly.

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Kristen bought this wonderful goofy real girl character that people can relate to, because she has her faults and everybody does. So it really makes the character come to life and become believable. I did look at Kristen’s recording sessions and what I got from it was just some of the goofy things she do. Just by watching her expressions.

— Becky Bresee, Animation Supervisor for “Anna”

Thank you Kristen Bell for bringing such a lovable character to life!

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Disney’s The Lion King plays its 7,000th Broadway performance today, September 3, 2014. Only The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago and Cats have also reached this milestone.

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The gods have gone.  I t ’ s  j u s t   u s .”

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The Fault in Our Stars + text posts

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